Dai Shinden

Freitag 01. März 18:00 - Sonntag 03. März 2019 15:00

Lauris Geburtstagsseminar in Helsinki.

The Annual Dai Shinden - seminar is here again!

This time the seminar will be held at Shinden Helsinki Dojo, with over 200 square meters training area, from March 1st to 3rd, 2019.

Teachers for this year´s Dai Shinden – seminar are shihan´s:

Lauri Jokinen, Finland
Alexander Dürlich, Germany
Andrius Zaidovas, Lithuania
Ben Ura, Germany
Philipp Phil, Denmark
Stephan Naguschewski, Germany

Seminar price:
Whole seminar 110 €
Friday only 45 €
Saturday only 70 €
Sunday only 60 €

NB! Participants arriving from abroad or traveling more than 500 km away - full seminar price 90 €

Doors open:

Fri 5 P.M. (training until late)
Sat 10 A.M. (training until 5 P.M.)
Sun 11 A.M. (training until 5 P.M.)

The traditional Dai Shinden party will be held on Saturday evening at the dojo: all members and seminar participants welcome, some catering. Bring your own beer, babe or bae :)

There is a kiosk-type catering service at the seminar venue during the seminar hours. A sleeping bag accommodation for visiting students and guests in the dojo premises – please let us know upon registering, if required. Please let us know of any other needs at, and send all possible questions to: shindendojohelsinki@gmail.com

Registering: shindendojohelsinki@gmail.com